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Is Arctrieval really a free service?

Yes! Arctrieval's service is available at no cost to your practice or facility for up to 3 users. There are no hidden subscriptions, hosting, licensing or software fees.
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How can Arctrieval be free?

Arctrieval's revenue sharing model allows us to deliver a world-class release of information solution at no direct cost to your practice or facility. When you use the integrated billing and payment engine to charge for the production of records, then Arctrieval keeps a portion of the collected money. Arctrieval remits 70% to your practice and retains 30% as it's transaction fee. The transaction fee is only applied to funds received after an invoice is paid.

Need more than 3 users?

For practices or facilities requiring more than 3 user accounts, please contact us for additional licensing options.

Have a large volume of requests?

For practices or facilities managing a large volume of requests, please contact us for additional licensing options and transaction fee discounts.