Web-based medical correspondence management

Protect Your Family's Medical Information Privacy

Personal Medical Correspondence and Privacy Protection

Arctrieval is a free web-based service that eliminates the time, hassle and run-around associated with requesting your medical records and protecting your family's health privacy.

Arctrieval is the fast, easy and secure way to request medical records and manage communications with doctors, hospitals and insurance companies. Arctrieval puts the power of a state-of-the-art correspondence system into your hands…at no cost to you.

With the changes in healthcare laws and the adoption of electronic medical record systems, it is important to protect your family's health privacy. Arctrieval’s free service will manage your privacy preferences for disclosure, marketing and research purposes with healthcare providers and facilities. You will control whether or not 3rd parties can access your health information without your express consent. If you do not protect your family, their health privacy may be compromised, resulting in confidential information ending up in the hands of organizations that you did not intend to have access to the information.

By law you are entitled to know who has received a copy of your medical records and you should know this information. Healthcare providers and facilities must, upon written request, provide a list of individual or organizations received a copy of your protected health information. Arctrieval simplifies requesting this information with an Accounting of Disclosure for Protected Health Information document. Privacy experts say you should do this on an annual basis.

Even if you choose not to use Arctrieval’s free service, we strongly urge you to manage your family's health information and privacy. We have prepared some basic forms to assist your efforts you may access and us by clicking on the link below. We believe it is important you protect yourself, whether or not Arctrieval is part of the process.