Simplifying Medical Record Requests       

Protect Your Family's Medical Information Privacy


Arctrieval is a free web-based service that eliminates the time, hassle and run-around associated when requesting medical records and protecting your family's health privacy.

Request Medical Records

Don't waste another minute trying have records sent from one office to another office, filling out different paper forms, standing in line at a doctor’s office or waiting on hold for someone to answer your call. Arctrieval is the fast, easy and secure way to request medical records with an easy-to-follow step by step process. It takes just a few click from any internet connected device to request records.

Protect Your Medical Privacy

Take control of your health information privacy. Arctrieval's free service automates and simplifies the process to notify your healthcare providers and facility of your privacy preferences. Healthcare laws give you the right to opt out of marketing databases, research studies and restrict the disclosure of your health information. However, you must notify your healthcare providers in writing of your preferences.

Manage Your Medical Correspondence

Track and manage all your communications related to your family's health and well-being. You have access to a complete library of forms and templates to communicate with healthcare providers and insurance companies regarding health matters. From a simple billing inquiry to checking benefit eligibility to filing a formal complaint, Arctrieval will guide you with a step-by-step process.

Personal Activity Log

Every time you take an action or speak to someone related to your healthcare, Arctrieval allows you to log the conversation so you have a complete communication trail to assist in dispute resolution should the need arise. Arctrieval puts the power of a state-of-the-art communication service into your hands.

Get Your Medical Records

Medical professionals and consumer advocates recommend that everyone maintains a personal copy of their medical records. One of the most responsible and useful steps a smart patient can take is to obtain copies of their medical records whenever they visit a doctor. To get your records, you will need to provide each provider or facility a written "authorization for the release of information."

Know Who Has Your Records

Healthcare laws entitle you to know to whom your doctor or any healthcare facility has released your health information. Learning exactly who has your information requires a “protected health information disclosure audit” and you are entitled to receive it from your healthcare provider(s). Best practices say you should get this once a year.

Report Violations

Unfortunately, not every practice or facility properly protects your health information privacy. When a problem does arise, Arctrieval will guide you through a step-by-step process to report violations and problems to an organization’s privacy officer or the proper agency.

Reports and History

Arctrieval's Report Dashboard provides you with a complete view into the communications you had with healthcare providers and facilities. Check the status of a request, see the last time a privacy notification was sent or just follow the progress of a claim or incident. All your medical privacy information is stored in a single location.

Flexible Delivery

You decide how you would like to communicate with your healthcare provider. Arctrieval supports communications sent by email, facsimile or regular mail. Email and fax are free delivery methods and regular mail carries an additional charge for postage.