Web-based medical correspondence management

Improve Productivity, Reduce Risk,
Save Time & Money

Healthcare Professionals Overview

Arctrieval is the easy and secure way to manage, release and track protected health information. Arctrieval will save your practice or facility time and money, improve productivity and reduce your risk.

Imrove Productivity

Improve Your Office Productivity

Arctrieval guides your patients or any 3rd party through an easy-to-follow process for submitting an online request for health information. Arctrieval’s self-service web forms, data verification algorithms, automated email communication and 24 by 7 access eliminates incomplete requests, illegible paper forms and time your staff spends on the telephone for medical record requests.

Increase Revenue

Increase Revenue

Arctrieval makes it quick and easy to collect the legally permitted fees for providing medical records. The integrated billing and payment system calculates fees based on the maximum legal limit set by each state and automatically generates an invoice. Whether it is paper records or electronic files; the request is from a patient, attorney or insurance company; the records are printed on paper or copied to a file; mailed, emailed, faxed or picked-up; Arctrieval collects the maximum reimbursement available to you.

Save Time and Money

Save Time and Money

The standardized, automated and IT-supported workflow reduces the time your staff spends managing and fulfilling requests for protected health information. Everything need for a valid request is entered by the requestor and automatically captured and stored by Arctrieval. The integrated billing module provides maximum cost recovery when fulfilling a health information request. The amount charged is based on the maximum legally allowable rates for each state. The online payment system accelerates the revenue cycle, so you get paid sooner and before any records are released.

Redice Risk

Reduce Risk

Arctrieval eliminates paper-based, error prone processes. Requests are entered into the system through online forms by the individual who is seeking the health information. This is no different than ordering something from any website. It eliminates data entry errors and the need for a records clerk to manually key information into a computer system.

All activity, all information and every keystroke is logged by the system and traceable to the original source. If health records are released incorrectly because the requestor entered the information, such as a fax number or address, Arctrieval can prove the requestor made the error and protect you from a potential HIPAA violation.