Web-based medical correspondence management

Web-based medical correspondence management

How Arctrieval Works

Release of information and medical records requests from a whole new perspective.

Self-service request submission

Patients or anyone requesting medical records fills out an easy-to-understand web based form. All information is checked to ensure a valid and complete request is created.

Automatic notifications and updates

Email notifications and updates are sent to your office staff and record requestors to guide them through each step of the process and provide automatic status updates when something changes.

Easy-to-use and understand user interface

Anyone is able to use and master Arctrieval’s release of information software without extensive training.

Integrated billing system

Collecting fees for producing medical records is as simple as clicking on the create invoice button, reviewing the charges and pressing send. Arctrieval manages the invoice delivery and will alert you in the event there is an error.

Payment processing and collections

Fee collection is further simplified with Arctrieval handling the payment processing and collections. Monies are collected by Arctrieval and credited to your account.

Complete audit trail

Even after the records are delivered, Arctrieval does not stop working for you. The system maintains a complete history of all activities for each request. So if there is ever an issue or you do get audited, Arctrieval has the necessary information to show the complete chain of control.