Web-based medical correspondence management

Protect Your Practice From Costly Mistakes and HIPAA Violations

Features & Benefits

Arctrieval will save you time, improve office productivity, protect you from mistakes and HIPAA violations and recover lost revenue.

Medical Correspondence Management

Reduce the time and expense incurred to manage medical correspondence and release protected health information. Arctrieval's state-of-the-art service provides a standardized, automated and IT-supported workflow to improve office productivity. Arctrieval provides your staff with an easy step-by-step process that anyone can follow.

Easy to Use, Web-based service

Getting started and using Arctrieval is quick and easy. Arctrieval's web-based interface is accessible from any computer through any Web browser. Wizards, tips and integrated help are provided to make it easy for everyone to learn and follow a simple step-by-step process to manage correspondence and maintain regulatory compliance.

Cut office expenses

Reduce your office costs. With Arctrieval your office staff spends less time explaining the request process, less time sorting through and mailing paper forms and less time providing updates. No more long telephone calls to provide basic information. All request information is provided through Arctrieval's web-based interface freeing up your staff to focus on patient care and other revenue producing activities.

Eliminate Paper Based Process

Eliminate your paper-based, error prone process. No more manual logs for HIPAA disclosure accounting requirements. No more illegible paper forms to try to decode. No more misplaced requests or documents. Arctrieval tracks and manages all release of information requests from a single location that is accessible from any computer with a Web browser.

Integrated Billing Module

Use Arctrieval to generate incremental revenue or recover costs. With an integrated billing module, Arctrieval makes collecting fees for record requests simple, fast and efficient. Once a document is ready for delivery, Arctrieval generates and sends an invoice to the requestor. Payment is handled online through a secure payment engine. Once payment is received, then Arctrieval securely delivers the document.

Release of Information Disclosure Authorization

Save time and expense managing release of information disclosure authorization forms. No more wasted time on the telephone explaining your process, mailing forms or faxing documents. Just direct people to a link on your website and they will receive all the instructions on how to properly complete and submit their medical record request.

Securely Deliver Documents

Eliminate the costs and problems associated with document delivery. Arctrieval guarantees safe medical document delivery through its secure transfer network. Instead of creating and mailing physical documents, you can upload the documents to Arctrieval using a scanner or your office fax machine. Arctrieval then creates a secure document that can only be opened by the intended recipient through the use of a unique PIN. Once the recipient opens that document a confirmation notice is sent back to you.

Multiple Languages Interface

Eliminate potential miscommunication that can arise due to language issues. Arctrieval removes language barriers by providing user interfaces and web forms in multiple languages. For example, if the office staff speaks English and the requestor's native language is Spanish, Arctrieval will present Spanish forms to the requestor and English forms to the office staff. The bi-directional translation eliminates miscommunication and the time wasted due to a failure to properly communicate.

Disclosure Accounting Audit

With individuals becoming more savvy regarding their healthcare rights and more concerned with the privacy of their personal health information, it is not whether or not you will be asked to prepare a “protected health information disclosure audit," but rather when. Arctrieval provides an integrated approach to preparing the report with information that is both internal and external to the system. The standardized and IT-supported workflow enables your staff to complete the audit in appreciably less time than the process always takes when a purely manual procedure is followed.

Flexible Document Delivery

Arctrieval supports sending documents, report, letters and notifications by email, facsimile or regular mail. Email and electronic delivery services are free of charge and provide delivery confirmation and eliminate postage expenses.